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Limewashing masonry is an old European method that goes back hundreds of years. Today it gives an appealing and an increasingly desired "old world charm" to it.  It comes in a variety of classic, the "original" colors and can also be "tinted" to a more selective color, for instance; we've been requested to tint and apply a Blue Steel color to a ranch home.

Limewashing completely transforms not just the building itself, but gives the stretch of land it's on a whole new look as well. The plants and lawns and colors of flowers will pop and stand out against your new lime wash. 

There's an artistic element to it. With the classic look, the old brick can be exposed or revealed to varying degrees by a "washing off" process after applying, giving your home a quaint, "old world" appeal to it. How much old brick to be revealed, or none at all (limewashed solid all the way around), can be up to the homeowner or if desired to the artist/applier.

For the limewash, we love to use ROMABIO, a company of which we are on their pro-list. They give the best, natural, limewash you can get and like red wine, it is aged before being distributed from Italy and applied to your home or other structure.


Classico Color Collection

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